Tactical Weapons

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Tactical Weapons

Tactical weapons are described as weapons that can be easily adapted to different situations. These firearms are generally equipped with additional accessories to make the more adaptable to any situation. A tactical gun can either be in handgun,shotgun or rifle form.

Tactical weapons are commonly used by the police and military. However, these same weapons are available for private ownership. Country Boy Sports has a very large selection of tactical weapons serving many purposes. We offer handguns as well as tactical rifles in any caliber sizes.

In our store you will find different caliber tactical weapons as well as different barrel and rifling styles. Scopes and other tactical accessories will vary with each weapon. We have new and used pieces available in our store and the inventory is always changing. Additionally, we carry a full line of accessories and ammunition for these weapons.

Country Boy Sports has a professional and friendly staff available at all tiers that can answer any of your questions about the tactical guns we have available in our store. We encourage everyone to stop by frequently because our stock is always changing.

Country Boy Sports has its own line of AR style rifles that we manufacture in house called the C Boy. We also can build you a custom if you so wish.
We carry tactical weapons made by the following manufacturers:

  • Ruger
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Remington
  • Rock River Arms
  • Spikes
  • Del-Ton

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