Information contained on this site is assumed to be accurate at time of posting. All information contained on this site is used to educate our visitors about the products and services we offer in our store.

Information about products or services found on our website does not guarantee that we have that exact product in our store at all times. Due to the nature of our business, inventory levels change on a daily basis.

Our store carries a full line of new and used fire arms, fire arm accessories and knives. We are continually changing and updating our stock to meet our customer’s needs.

We fully comply with all state and federal regulations surrounding the sale of firearms. We perform the necessary background checks as required by law, and we will not sell any firearms to anyone deemed underage by state law.

We encourage everyone that is interested in purchasing a firearm to have the necessary training and understand firearm safety. The owner of this site and store front do not assume or imply any responsibility for gun safety once the firearm has left the store. Store owner is not responsible for any action a customer takes with any tye of weaponry purchased from the main store or through the Internet.

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