CountryBoySports.com is the online presence of the Country Boy Sports store. Information contained on this site is for the purpose of informing the public about the products and services that we offer at our store.

Use of this site does not guarantee that we will sell user a firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition. Our store remains in full compliance of all firearm sales laws on the state and federal level. Buyers must pass all qualifications to purchase a firearm.

All information posted on this site is thought to be accurate at the time of posting. This information is to be used to make a decision about a firearms purchase only. Information should not be viewed as instructions, recommendations, or other forms of communication.

Information about products or services listed on this site does not guarantee that all items will be available at all times. Our inventory continually changes and we are not held liable to update information on this site to reflect these changes. It is our goal to always have stock available for our clientele.

Information and store policies are subject to change if any laws are changed. These changes will be reflected on our site and in our store so our customers remained informed.

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